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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

House begins debate on Iraq War

The House of Representatives began a debate today on whether to issue a non-binding resolution that shows disapproval of Bush's handling of the War. The big question here is... why? Does Speaker Pelosi feel that this will give the Dems some kind of advantage in 2008, does she just want to humiliate President Bush? Tell me what the reason is?

These are the facts: 1. We are in a war that we started. 2. We removed and killed their leader of thirty years. 3. The country is now split into different factions that will fight to a grisly death for control.

That is what we have to deal with now. The terrorist argument doesn't hold water because the terrorists have plenty of places throughout this world in which to plot against the United States.

It comes down to this. Our country is responsible for the mess Iraq is in now because we caused it. We started this war. We have a responsibilty to the Iraqi people to give them a safe home or atleast one that is safer than it was when Hussein was their leader. If that requires a boatload of troops and equipment, so be it.

I didn't and still don't agree with going into Iraq, but we did and now we, as a nation, have incurred a great responsiblity put on us by our leaders. We can not just jump up and leave. We must see this thing through. It is the thing leader nations do. If we leave before we have done right by the Iraqi people, then there is a chance we will no longer be considered the leaders of the free world. Leaders don't dump their problems just beacause they are tough. They try everything and everybody until they go down with the ship.

This is the choice our country must make and Speaker Pelosi is pulling in the wrong direction...

I just hope it's not a political ploy for next year.


Anonymous Kiersten said...

Well said.

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