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Monday, May 28, 2007

When does reality set in?

I take offense at something that was said today during President Bush's Memorial Day speech. The President said that "we find ourselves under attack and underestimated." After four years of this war, I find this foolish. We aren't under attack, we are being thwarted in our attack on another nation and the notion that we are being underestimated after four year years is ridiculous. If we haven't committed all that we will commit to the war by now, then this has been completely mismanaged (wait... uh.. that's another story...). For the administration to continue to insist that this, somehow, was something we HAD to do is hysterical. We had one thing we HAD to do. We had to go in and shut down the Taliban, get rid of Al-Qaida, and destroy Bin Laden. We are batting zero, 0 for three, nada and it may now take us twenty years to get ouf this mess that they have caused. As I have stated before, we have to stay until we can't. We have to do everything possible.

At the beginning of the war, they had the right Secretary of Defense, with the right experience, and the right plan (overwhelming force). They chose to ignore him and use the doctrine of a lifelong paper pusher who annointed himself Vice-President. And the rest is history...